Depot Radio

Our radio and space setup
September 2022

Radio Program Highlights - Gabriella Vergilov
August 2022

Depot Bar

Bar Menu

        BRØLFlavour & Impact — Our bar is fully stocked with craft beer from upcoming taste and sustainability focused brewery BRØL. All organic beer is made from ucpycled bread and local ingredients.  

Radio Dinners

        Every ThursdayWhere community meets radio over a table — Weekly dinners are the best way to get to know us, community and radio artists. Dinner and radio program curated every week. 

We provide drinks and food for all activities in the cultural house 

Catering, Meetings, Conferences, Big & Small Events

       Food and Drinksgreat taste for every occasion — Check out our catering offers for your next event. We have offers for small meetings with coffe and buns to a full blown conferences and multiple course dining. Multiple spaces for catering can hold from 8 up to 400 people. We focus on plantbased, seasonal and organic food and drinks.   

Copenhagen- DK