What are we up to?

In the center of Copenhagen, we have created a meeting space for down-to-earth and simple food, audio arts and community.

We are open as a bar with a craft beer from local brewery BRØL. DEPOT’s radio booth is in the middle of our open space and filled with program that can be enjoyed in our venue and online.

We source talents from local and international, established and upcoming DJs, podcasters, talk shows, etc. The radio is the platform to be heard. 

Who are we?

DEPOT radio bar is conceptualized by Saimon Skurichin and Ken Kuusk. 
The radio bar is run by a taste and sustainability focused brewery BRØL. 
Currently, main team in the house consists of Saimon, Viktorija, Anton, Ken, Laura, Emma, Carl, Karolina and Maja. 

General Inquiries, partnerships etc.
Saimon - depot@depotcph.dk

Radio Program 
Anton - radio@depotcph.dk

Food & Events
Viktorija - events@depotcph.dk